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Snapdragon X Elite vs M3

Windows 11 Snapdragon X Elite benchmark shows Apple M3 performance gap is closing

This processor, specifically the Snapdragon X Elite - XE1800, is expected to power the next generation of Windows AI PCs. In leaked tests, a prototype device equipped with this new ARM chip has scored 12,562 points in multi-core benchmark tests.
Windows 11 2024 Update

Microsoft confirms “Windows 11 2024 Update”, Intel says it will include Wi-Fi 7

Microsoft is currently developing the next major update for Windows 11, which is being called the "Windows 11 2024 Update". This update is also known as version 24H2 and is codenamed "Hudson Valley".
Windows 12 not happening

Microsoft confirms Windows 12 is not happening this year

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 12 will not be released in 2024. The next version of Windows will be called "Windows 11 version 24H2", codenamed Hudson Valley.
Windows Terminal with AI on Windows 11

Microsoft confirms Sudo is coming to Windows 11 with Build 26052

Windows 11 Build 26052 will likely be available for download later this week and includes the first public preview of "Sudo for Windows". Here's everything you need to know about Sudo for Windows, arriving with Windows 11 24H2 for public.
Microsoft New Outlook app windows

Windows 11 really wants you to ditch Mail & Calendar, and get the new...

Microsoft announced its plan to put the Mail and Calendar app to rest in favor of the new Outlook. All the Windows 11 devices released in 2024 will include the new Outlook app as the default mail app.
Windows AI upgrade teased

Qualcomm: Big Windows AI upgrade, Snapdragon X Elite for mid 2024 to topple Apple...

Qualcomm has confirmed that a new chip called the Snapdragon Elite X will be released in mid-2024. The chip will come with a new version of Windows, but Qualcomm has not specified whether this operating system will be named 'Windows 11' or 'Windows 12.'

Windows 11 native archive will let you change compression level, method and more

Microsoft is currently testing a new feature in Windows 11, called "Creative archive". This feature will allow users to change the compression method, level, and other settings when archiving files or folders using a built-in wizard tool.
Windows Sudo leak

First look: Windows 11 is getting native macOS or Linux-like Sudo command

Microsoft is testing native Sudo command support for Windows 11. The support for native "Sudo" command was spotted in a leaked Windows Server preview build, accidentally published to the Windows Update servers over the weekend.
Windows 11 24H2 hints spotted

New hint suggests Windows 11 24H2 big AI upgrade is one step closer to...

Microsoft is set to release a major update for its Windows operating system, which might be named "Windows 11 2024 Update". A recent hint suggests that the update is nearing completion as the company has compiled an internal build with a higher build number.
Microsoft Copilot GPTs hands on

First look: Microsoft’s ChatGPT GPTs in Copilot now rolling out for free

The long-awaited ChatGPT-powered "GPTs" are now accessible in the free version of Microsoft Copilot. The tech giant has confirmed that the GPTs feature will not be restricted to the Pro subscription and is currently being made available to the general public.

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