Mineral Based Concealers

Synergie Skin was created on the realisation that beauty and science don’t have to be separate paths. Founded by cosmetic chemist, Terri Vinson, we create products supported by clinical data that not only boost your confidence - but your skin health, too. Introduce natural mineral concealer to your daily skincare regimen and discover a unique protection that looks flawless.

Manufactured here in Melbourne exclusively for Synergie Skin, our collection of concealers is designed to treat your most common skin concerns. With formulations to combat uneven skin tone, dark circles around the eyes, and post-treatment bruises, you can be confident in a cover-up that is also beneficial for your skin. Each product is backed by science and suitable for those suffering from visible signs of ageing, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea and sensitive skin. Find the perfect product for your skin type here.

Notice the difference with advanced mineral makeup concealer

Mineral makeup makes a refreshing change to traditional cosmetics. Ultra hydrating and with natural UVA/B protection, switching to a mineral based concealer means treating your skin to the ingredients it deserves. This collection contains soothing antioxidants such as argan oil and vitamin E, as well as castor seed oil that’s proven to boost the immune system and help with wound healing.


We’ve focused on using only natural, ethical ingredients to improve skin health without any damaging chemicals. A small amount goes a long way, so a quick application of mineral foundation concealer around the eyes has you ready to go about your day, knowing the delicate eye area is protected and looks beautiful.


Simply dab sparingly with Synergie Skin concealer makeup brushes. Wear it underneath your foundation and eye makeup, or use it on its own for a naturally flawless appearance.

The natural mineral concealer for your skin

Whether you’re conscious of dark circles or other general imperfections around the eye area, add a mineral infused concealer to your cosmetics collection for better coverage and skin that can breathe.


Discover our exclusive formulas for all skin types and watch your skin thrive.