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Read with the Book Girls Facebook Group

This page is a resource for the Read with the Book Girls Facebook group, where we love connecting with our readers! If you’re not already a member, join here and be sure to fill in a favorite book title so we know you’re not a robot.

This group may be different and go deeper with discussions and recommendations than the other book groups you are in. We don’t want hundreds of posts a day because that takes away time you could be reading books!

Instead, we gather content together to make it easier to see the things you want and skip the things you don’t. This maximizes the value and makes the most of everyone’s time!

That means you may see a post denied with a comment telling you we’ve tagged you in a different thread. We still value what you’re sharing, we’re just playing air traffic controller to keep the group tidy.

The most commonly asked questions in the Facebook group are where to find the book lists, book logs, and discussion groups. These posts will always be pinned at the top of the main Facebook group page, but the we know Facebook can sometimes be hard to navigate. The easiest way to find all of these links is to join our email list! We send an email every Friday morning that always includes all of the book lists and books logs for the reading challenges, as well as the discussion group links at the end of each month.

Did you know we also have tons of other non-challenge book recommendations? We send out new book lists in our weekly email, and you can see them all in one place here!