Cult Classics A collection of Synergie Skin's Top 5 best sellers for skin of all ages and conditions

Cult Classics

$389.00 AUD
A collection of our Top 5 best sellers for skin of all ages and conditions
BrightEnlite Brightening and pore-refining milk moisturiser ideal for oily skin and pigmentation


$129.00 AUD
Brightening & pore-refining milk moisturiser
ÜberZinc SPF15 Daily moisturiser and sunscreen with 21% Zinc Oxide for broad spectrum, physical sun protection


$120.00 AUD
The ideal moisturising sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays
ReClaim Essential anti-ageing moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and peptide technology


$149.00 AUD
The essential anti-ageing moisturiser
HydroGel Oil-free finishing serum for oily, blemish-prone skin


$120.00 AUD
Oil-free finishing serum for oily, blemish-prone skin
DermaCalm Calming daily anti-redness anti-inflammatroy moisturiser ideal for sensitive skin


$149.00 AUD
Calming anti-redness moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin
HydroLock An ultra-rich anti-ageing moisturiser for dry, ageing skin


$149.00 AUD
A rich, hydrating moisturiser for very dry, ageing skin  
Elastense Neck and décolletage lifting and firming cream


$149.00 AUD
Neck and décolletage lifting and firming cream
B-juvEnate A cosmeceutical body lotion with vitamin B3


$64.00 AUD
A cosmeceutical body lotion with vitamin B3

Face and Body Moisturisers

Body and face moisturisers are an essential part of your skincare routine.

Keeping your skin nourished and hydrated with scientifically-backed products will provide you with improved skin health and reduced signs of ageing. Buy skin moisturisers online that contain high levels of active ingredients that can lock in moisture on your face and body without causing irritation. Perfect for everyday use each morning and evening, treat your skin to the nourishment it needs with moisturisers from Australia.

Skin Moisturisers, Australia Made

Synergie Skin products and moisturisers are made in Australia, meaning we understand the effects of the harsh sun on our skin.

Discover our zinc oxide moisturiser, UberZinc, for one of the most effective products against both ageing and harmful UVA and UVB rays. This face moisturiser contains 21% zinc oxide, making it a natural sunblock against UV damage that doesn’t harm the skin. UberZinc contains pure green tea for its antioxidant properties and can be used on irritated or acne-prone skin.

Our Commitment to Superior Moisturisers

Being a skin care brand based in Australia means we’re not only wary of the damage the sun can cause, but also the effects the weather can have on visible signs of ageing. It’s important that we take the time to replenish moisture levels, with the daily use of skin, eye and face moisturisers.

Our range has been formulated to do just that. From our zinc oxide moisturiser to the popular Hydrolock, each product contains biologically active substances that penetrate the epidermis for restoration and reconstruction.


Buy Skin Moisturisers Online or In-store

Browse the range of Synergie Skin body moisturisers online to find the ideal match for your skin type and skin concerns. We ship all across Australia, allowing you to buy skin moisturisers that are delivered right to your door. For our global fans, you too can buy our skin moisturisers. We have a range of international stockists and distributors around the world to assist you on your skin care journey.

If you’re looking for a beauty routine that is tailored to your long-term skin health needs, visit one of our Australian or International Stockists. These medically affiliated clinics will provide a personalised and in-depth Synergie Skin experience for your cosmeceutical needs.