Dell Windows 11 requirements

Dell details Windows 11 AI requirements, but it’s not enough for all features

AI-enabled Windows computers possess capabilities to use AI to amplify the overall user experience. To do that, they use a unique Neural Processing Unit (NPU) component to process all the AI-related tasks, reducing the burden on the CPU.
Windows Copilot on Windows 10

Copilot on Windows 11 & 10 doubles characters limit, gets upload files feature, notebook

Windows Copilot, available on both Windows 11 and Windows 10, is receiving a significant update with various noteworthy changes. These changes include an increased character count, the ability to attach files such as PDFs, and integration with notebooks.
Windows 11 KB5036985 adds a new Microsoft account manager to Start

Windows 11 KB5036985 beta adds a new Microsoft account manager to Start menu

Windows 11 KB5036985 adds a new Microsoft account manager to Start, adds UI changes to Widgets board and files sharing to gmail account.

Windows 11 Build 26200 leaks AI features: aihost.exe, screen understanding, discovery

The Windows Copilot feature on Windows 11 and Windows 10 is not very useful or exciting. However, that is expected to change soon with the introduction of "AI Explorer". According to Build 26200, we have a clear idea of what to expect from the big AI update that is set to roll out in September/October.
Surface Pro 10 with Snapdragon X Plus

Surface Pro 10 OLED with Snapdragon X Plus, 10 cores, 16GB RAM spotted

It appears that the upcoming Surface Pro 10 will feature both the Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus chips. However, there is a possibility that the Surface Pro 10 will use the Snapdragon X Plus, while the Surface Laptop 6 will be equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite.
Windows 11 Control Panel font page old link

Windows 11: Control Panel is losing another feature (Font page) to Settings

Microsoft isn't planning to kill off the Control Panel completely, but it wants you to gradually stop using it on Windows 11. Later this year, you'll be redirected automatically to Windows Settings when you...

Microsoft Edge’s AI update on Windows 11 adds tagging, a new “Ask Copilot” menu

Microsoft Edge is introducing upgrades to its Copilot AI integration on both Windows 11 and Windows 10. These upgrades include two helpful features: tagging and a new "Ask Copilot" menu.
Windows 11 2024 Update

Windows 11 24H2’s leaked requirements suggest AI Explorer is limited to ARM PCs

Windows 11 24H2 requirements reveal that the AI Explorer feature isn’t meant for all AI processors released in 2024. But that would leave a lot of users who already have an AI-powered Intel Core Ultra or AMD Ryzen 7000/8000 series livid.
Windows Copilot wallpaper

Windows 11 is getting a new Microsoft Copilot-themed wallpaper

Windows 11 is getting a new Copilot-themed wallpaper, more Copilot suggestions in Edge settings page and on websites. But this Copilot stuff is bloating Edge.
Windows 10 sign in to your Microsoft account pop-up

Windows 10’s new feature wants you to create a Microsoft account; ditch local accounts

If you're using a local account on your PC, you may receive a prompt to create a Microsoft account. This feature will be enabled by default in the May 2024 Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10. The update will be available to both the general public and IT admins on May 14.

Microsoft Edge on iOS tests “Circle to Copilot”, similar to Google’s Circle to Search

Microsoft Edge on iOS is developing two new features - "Circle to Copilot" and "Chat with image using Copilot". A recent update to the server has also enabled "Notebook" in Copilot for Edge on iOS, which increases the character limit to 18,000.

Windows 11’s Photos app is getting Microsoft Designer integration, but it opens Edge

Microsoft's Paint app has had several touchups in the last two years. It got a background blur feature, an AI magic eraser, and more image editing features. The latest improvement is adding an "Edit in Microsoft Designer" option.
Yoga Slim 7 with Snapdragon X Elite

Lenovo preps Yoga Slim 7, ThinkPad T14s with Snapdragon X Elite, Windows 11

PC manufacturers, such as Lenovo, are planning to launch their new flagship "Windows on ARM" series later this year. Lenovo is currently working on a Yoga Slim 7 "QNV9" with a 14.5-inch display and Snapdragon X Elite. Additionally, ThinkPad T14s will also get an ARM edition.
Copilot automatically installs on Windows Server 2022

Microsoft says it accidentally added Copilot app to Windows Server 2022

Microsoft is forcibly installing Copilot on Windows machines, and Windows Server 2022 is the latest target. Previously, the Copilot app appeared in Windows Server 2025 builds and completely vanished after a few days.

Windows 11 is now available for more Intel Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10 users with Rocket Lake CPUs can finally upgrade to Windows 11 after the company resolves the Intel SST driver BSOD. Update to the latest version of the driver manually or via Windows update.