Mineral Eye Makeup Online

The Synergie Skin exclusive collection of mineral eye makeup brings cosmetic chemistry to your makeup bag, so you can feel beautiful and look after the long-term health of your skin. Each product in our range is based on a “Clean Science” philosophy and is made in Australia for assured quality, ethics and effectiveness. Synergie Skin cosmetics are crafted with ingredients from the best of nature and science can offer. Suitable for all skin types - including sensitive skin - you won’t find any toxics, ethically-questionable ingredients, or artificial colours. So, when you buy eye makeup online from the scientists behind Synergie, you can feel confident that you’re creating that perfect look without the damage. Shop pressed eyeshadows, natural blend mascara, mineral brow pomade and eyeliner pots.

Mineral eye makeup that’s good for your skin

The long-awaited answer for sensitive skin and oily skin, buy eye makeup infused with minerals for a natural blend that lasts. Because we believe that achieving the look you want shouldn’t come at a cost to your skin, we’ve used beneficial ingredients across the range. Expect natural anti-inflammatories such as castor bean oil and zinc oxide, and argan oil that hydrates the hair’s cortex and promotes lash and brow growth.


We’re passionate about only using natural formulas and leaving out any ingredients that could pose a risk to your health, such as cheap fillers and bulking agents, and artificial colours or fragrances.


The best way to create an eye-catching look is to apply products with Synergie Skin brushes. Select from our expertly curated shades to flatter a variety of skin tones, for results that range from fresh daytime to smokey evening makeup.

Go natural: Shop eye makeup products online

Give lashes, lids and brows the treatment they deserve with natural eye makeup products, online at Synergie Skin. With 100% of our products developed in our Melbourne laboratory and packaged under the same roof, we’re able to deliver the highest quality every time.


Add a little science to your skincare routine – order your favourites online today.