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Your journey to skin confidence begins here. Take our two-step Analyse Your Skin quiz for a guided solution to your best skin ever. For further advice or a tailored consultation, please visit your nearest Synergie Skin stockist.
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The benefits of taking a skin type quiz

Using the right skincare products and treatments for your skin conditions and concerns is crucial in achieving your skin goals. Therefore, determining what type of skin you have through our quiz should be the first step in your skincare shopping journey.

Who is the skin type analysis ideal for?

Synergie Skin’s quiz has been developed to prescribe a routine for all skin types. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned skin care enthusiast, it guides you in choosing the right skin care that will work for your skin concerns.

What you can expect from our online skin quiz

The skin routine quiz will assist you in determining:

  • Skincare product recommendations - basic routine, complete routine or introductory kit
  • Terri’s tips and further skin education

How does it work?

‘Analyse Your Skin’ is a 2 step quiz that prescribes you a basic routine, complete routine, introductory kit, and skin advice. In doing this quiz you can better curate a personalised skincare regimen that suits your skin concerns and preferences.

What to do with the results of your skin type analysis

After you’ve completed the skincare quiz, you’ll end up with a personalised acne, anti-aging, or pigmentation routine so you can easily shop for the products you need. We offer a wide range of recommendations for each skin type or condition to help you reach your skin goals and feel your best.


If you’re unsure of your skin conditions or are treating severe skin issues, it is advised that you seek medical treatment, as our product recommendations are not a substitute for professional medical advice. For a more in-depth, personalised skin treatment plan, we suggest consulting with a skincare professional.