Microsoft is very close to announce the Extension support for Windows Insider running Windows 10 Preview builds from Windows Redstone branch.  The company was reportedly testing Extension support for Microsoft Edge in internal Windows 10 Redstone Builds.

Recently, screenshots of Page Analyzer extension for Microsoft Edge leaked by folks at Windows Blog Italia. Which was a clear hint that Microsoft will release Extension support for Microsoft Edge sooner than expected.

Earlier today, Microsoft mistakenly made their official Extension support page for Microsoft Edge live. However, now to open the webpage you need to have Microsoft Workplace account. So, it is no longer available for normal users or Insiders. The web page confirms that right now only Microsoft Translator, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Mouse Gestures extensions available for Microsoft Edge. Indeed, we will see more extensions making its way to the browser before public release.

The website stated:

Personalize and add new features to Microsoft Edge with extensions. Starting with build XXX for the Windows 10 Insider Preview, a selection of extensions is now available for Microsoft Edge.

When fully released to mainstream builds of Windows 10, extensions will be available via the Windows Store. Until that time, you can help us test extensions by downloading and adding them to Microsoft Edge using the steps shown below.

There are lots of question Microsoft is expected to answer them in upcoming Build 2016 event. Are you eagerly waiting to see Extension support in Microsoft Edge? Comments below:

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